Saturday, July 11, 2020

Trumpet blowing

It's no surprise that my eel session saw the weather change for the worse and temperatures plummet. I've got a few packs of squid now so I'm prepared for my next session - whenever the mood will take me to get the rods out again. getting motivated is the big stumbling block. If this summer doesn't throw up something special from the water I'm fishing I'm going to have to look elsewhere. But where?

I've been lax in adding stuff to my website for a long time. There's not much that I can add really unless I add a new rod to my range - which isn't a regular occurrence. Any thoughts I have about fishing end up on here. However, I noticed that it was six years since I added any testimonials from satisfied customers! So I dragged some out of my e-mail inbox and put them up on the  Nice Words page.

Getting praise is always nice, but I think being told that a customer has caught a big fish, or better still a personal best, on a rod I've built for them gives me a warmer and fuzzier glow.

If only I could catch another PB on a rod I've built!

Taking photos of recent custom build has also been neglected. Daft, because I've done a few unusual ones recently. The pic here is from last year.