Thursday, March 03, 2016

Return to the dark ages.

Unbelievably in the 21st century the gill nets are going back in Ireland in their futile attempt to rid certain 'trout' loughs of the verminous pike. Decades of this wanton destruction have failed to achieve their aim yet still they persist.

The incompetent fish handling in the video below, filmed in 2015, is almost unbelievable. You'd imagine that the people involved had never handled and returned a pike in their life before. Oh, hang on.....

If Kenny Sloan hadn't been there with his camera it doesn't take a genius to imagine what the fate of the pike would have been.

Click through to read Kenny's description of what went on. It's farcical, incompetent, and outrageous. Almost beyond belief that a fishery agency can carry on like that in this day and age.