Tuesday, March 15, 2016


At first it was work that was keeping me away from the bank. Then it was photographing poultry. Then I did my knee in and have only just started to remaster the art of kneeling down again. Pah.

While gathering the stuff for the Hardy 'tribute' rods (which the owner has now christened, by the way) I got hold of a few different coloured threads. One of which I rather fancied as a subtle tipping shade for the handles of the 'carp' rods I wanted for myself. They could double up for eels and pike. Athough probably not as I can never be bothered swapping rigs about, and i prefer braid for the predators. They're rather nice. Eleven foot (as is my current preference) Torrixes with a 3lb test curve, Alconite rings, and tarty reel seat. There are too many, and too small, rings on mine for any carp angler to look twice at, but they suit me.

In my quest for the ideal eel rod a few years back I built a pair of Baby Ballistas - also eleven feet long but with a 2.5lb test curve. These are not the same as my P-2s, which it turned out I preferred for the eels. The test curve is, to my mind, a little optimistic, and the action very forgiving (i.e. not really up to casting pike baits). What they did prove good for was chucking method feeders for tench and bream. They'd also make a decent rod for small river flood water barbel, and even small water carp - which is what they were designed for.

I've decided mine are surplus to requirements and are up for sale for £200 for the pair. Carriage included. They are fitted with six Alconites, Rover Ringing style, 30mm butt to 10mm tip. Black thread, Ultra Matt finish, full X-weave shrink handle with Fuji Rubber butt cap, DNPS reel seat with black collar. SOLD - 30/03/16