Saturday, March 14, 2015

Hard at it

The good thing about being self-employed is that I can be masochistic listening to England playing cricket in Australia at thee in the morning without having to think about getting up and going to work. The bad thing is that when I have a lot of work I can't put it off. Which means that I have had my nose (almost literally) to the grindstone since the last blog entry and am still trying to catch up with new builds, repairs and refurbs.

All this means that I missed the end of the river season without making a trip to the local drains for some back end piking. Perhaps the tench will be bubbling by the time I can manage a fishing session. Although that usually means they are uncatchable!

Back at the pond the frogs have spawned and are now dispersing. Time to keep checking the development of the tadpoles, which should be fairly safe from avian predators with all the weed to hide in. Fingers crossed.