Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Just thinking

At the moment this is just an idle thought, but an offer might make my mind up. Back in 2009 (how time flies) I built myself a set of 12ft 2.5lb Torrix with the intention of using them for long range bream fishing and maybe a bit of eeling. As it turned out my plans changed and the bream fishing has taken a back seat and I have other rods that serve for close range eeling. Two of the rods have been used a couple or three times and the other one hasn't been on the bank. As it stands I can't find a use for these rods. I could do some carp fishing with them I guess, but that's not in my plans.

Being stuck indoors due to the weather and with a few moments to spare while some glue was setting I had a play around with a camera and a flash gun. The trouble with having decent camera gear is that all the flaws in the subject show up. I was sure I'd cleaned all the dust off the rods, but there's loads of specks visible!

I've hung on to these rods simply because they feel great. I just don't have a need for them. No doubt if I do part with them a long range bream opportunity will immediately crop up and I'll have to build a replacement set.

A price? Currently a set of three 12ft 2.5lb Torrix with Fuji SiC rings would be in the region of £700. I might be tempted by half that... (Sold)